I am completely new to blogging and have no idea what I’m doing but going to give this a shot anyway. I have committed to running my FIRST half marathon this October in Detroit, MI. I am incredibly excited, nervous and a little scared of what I have gotten myself into. I have 10 weeks to train and have started a running schedule this past week which I will refer to later.

A little background…I became a runner and addicted to fitness my freshman year in college. I was NEVER a runner…I actually detested running. But tired of not loving my body and being dragged to the gym by my roommate who was obsessed with the gym (and had a BANGING body) I finally agreed to go. I started off by just walking on the treadmill. This lady who was clearly in her 60′s or 70′s was at the gym every single day and she would run for over a HOUR! I thought she was crazy and just watching her made me exhausted. Well a couple weeks later I ended up walking next to her and asked her how the heck she was able to run for sooooo long. She told me I could eventually get there as well. She suggested that I start off running for five minutes and work my way up over time and I would be able to as well. WHAT….wow that seemed actually doable….however I was not convinced I would ever be able to run that long. So three months later and I was running up to three miles without stopping. Four months I was able to run six miles without stopping and I was addicted. I must say that I loved my body and it didn’t take long for me to see results.

Welllll that lasted for a couple of years until I met my husband. Two kids later and here I am…I have not been truly committed to a gym in years. Losing the baby weight after my first child was cake. Within four months I was skinnier than I was before I ever had kids and I hardly had to do a thing. The second kid….not so lucky. My second son is now five months old…completely fed up of not being happy with my body I was in the gym a few weeks ago and made a commitment to truly begin my fitness journey. This time around though I felt different about my expectations. Losing weight would be awesome but I just want to feel strong, healthy and have more energy. I signed up for a half-marathon and here I am. I decided to document my journey and hopefully it will help me be more consistent along the way. The half marathon is hopefully just the beginning to a new life of health and fitness. So here we go. I know I have a long 10 weeks to prepare for this but I am so ready. This following link from Women’s Health Magazine is what I am using for my running schedule. It seems pretty manageable!