Belt Purchased

Finally I purchased a running belt! I went with the brand Nathan because it had two water bottles, and a perfect amount of space for my iphone, credit card, money, id, gels, and keys. It takes a little getting used to and I think I ran slower because I kept on adjusting it throughout my run to get it to feel comfortable.

I ended up running with the pouch and water bottles facing my back. I went for a four mile run and I felt like I had lead in my legs the entire time. I do not understand why or what caused me to feel so sluggish. I am supposed to go on my 8 mile run tomorrow and am worried that I may need to give my body a rest. Hopefully it was just a random thing! Did I mention I have two boys under 3 years old so most of the time real sleep is a luxury and that could have been part of the problem today. On a positive note so far this week I have ran 18 miles. Not to shabby for just really beginning to run again two weeks ago!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!