I did not feel like running at all today.  I literally tortured myself all day thinking about how much I did NOT want to go…making every excuse possible in my head.  It was hot outside, I was tired, I did not feel like being in a gym, I had errands to run…blah blah blah.  I had been wearing my workout outfit since I woke up and literally finally dragged myself out the door and got in the car to my favorite trail and just started running.  I am soooo glad I did because I was full of energy.  I averaged 10:42 miles and ran a four miler.  I literally was slowing myself down because it was so hot and humid outside I did not want to push it.  I know that to a lot of people this is very slow.  But I improved by a minute/mile and for me I felt like an olympic athlete…not really but you get the point.  I am ecstatic:) 

I have to get a running belt asap.  Carrying my water bottle and cell phone is becoming pretty annoying.  Still not sure what the most comfortable one is that is reasonably priced.  I am going to start searching this weekend before my next long run.