It has been a pretty great week so far!  So for mileage on Monday and Tuesday I ran 4.5 miles both days.  It wasn’t too hard but I ran pretty slow.  I averaged close to 11:30-12:00/min miles. 

I had to take a couple days off from running (Friday and Saturday) because a dear friend of mine is opening up Madewell store in Ann Arbor, MI and I helped her set up the store from the ground up!  It was pretty awesome to see it come together and I am so proud of her! Although I was lifting and unpacking some pretty heavy boxes I really missed running. I stopped by Running Fit store by my house on my way home just to check out running belts for my longer runs and they introduced me to gels that are supposed to help give you a little boost of energy throughout your runs.  After I talked to my cousin who has ran several marathons including the Boston twice and he said he really found them to be helpful, I gave it a try.  I tried it on my short run to make sure that it didn’t give me any stomach issues before going on one of my longer runs.  I did not have one problem with them and found it to be really helpful on my 7 mile run today.   He suggested waiting until an hour to take them as that is when your body starts to need the energy and that was exactly what I did.  Here are my times per mile…



 I don’t know what happened on mile six:/ Yikes.

I did not run an entire mile where it says mile 8…I think it was 7.26 miles total.  I would really like to see my short runs this upcoming week get faster.  I found an amazing trail by my house…I am pretty sure it is over 20 miles of trails and there are always a lot of bikers and runners on it during the weekend so I felt really safe!  My cousin (who I will probably refer to a lot throughout this blog) suggested that I do over 50% of my runs outside to prepare me for the marathon so that is exactly what I am doing.  I REALLY need to bite the bullet and by a running belt though.  It was annoying carrying water and my phone the entire time.  Going to be looking for one asap.  


Oh and most importantly I bought new shoes last week.  I am pretty obsessed with them.  A friend introduced me to Brooks and they are amazing.  Yes I had to take a picture before my run…these are the Pure Candace II.




I also did some damage at Lululemon…I am IN LOVE with their pants…and tanks…and jackets.  Ok I am just obsessed with them period.  Ok enough…I could go on forever.  I have some great articles my cousin shared with me to prepare that I will post next week.  Happy running:)  Any advice any of you runners have I would love to hear what you have to say!