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This week has flown by!  My mom lives in Florida now…after dealing with Michigan winters all her life she decided that she was over it and loves the warmer climate there. We enjoy having a beautiful place to vacation at when the winters get long here!  She came for a visit and we always fit in as much as possible during her stays here which includes a lot of eating, shopping, drinking wine and visiting family and friends.


We both love eating at vegan restaurants and tried Cacao Tree Cafe in Royal Oak.  She  was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple years ago and thankfully has been in remission but since has  adopted a VERY healthy lifestyle basically becoming a vegetarian and incorporating yoga and weight training.  We lost my dad to cancer the same time she was diagnosed and it has caused my family to be extremely careful what we are putting in our bodies.

Ok back to the restaurant….I love that they use local farmers for their ingredients and everything is organic.  I had “meat” quesadilla and I had to take a picture of the deliciousness.  I realized I am terrible at photographing food but here it is regardless:)


It is kind of a hole in the wall place but everything they make is so fresh!  I highly recommend giving it a try if you are ever in the area!

For running this week here is a breakdown:

Monday: 9.0 mile

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 4.0 miles

Thursday: rest

Friday: 6.0 miles

Saturday: cross training

I have been still cramping terribly on my left side and finally decided to call my doctor.  They told me to stop running immediately until I came in for my appointment next Thursday but I just cannot afford to get that behind on my milage so I am not going to listen to them and see how each run goes and if the pain gets too severe I know I need to stop and listen to my body.  Praying it is just a pulled muscle and nothing too serious!

Sunday will be my long run…it will be my first 10 miler.  I am looking forward to it because I found another new place to run and am looking forward to a change of scenery.  It has been cooling off here in the morning and it is absolutely perfect running weather.