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I love cooking and trying new recipes and attempt to make as many from scratch as I possibly can.  I think it tastes so much better and there is no worry about added chemicals or preservatives.  I have never made almond butter before and stumbled upon a great food blog Chef in Disguise and modified her recipe.  It took less than 15 minutes to make and it is going to be a delicious pre/post run snack.

To start I took two cups of almonds and roasted them over my stovetop for about five minutes until they browned.  I added them to my food processor and turned in on high until they became a nice pasty texture.  Then I slowly added olive oil until it became a consistency I liked.  I prefer it a little thicker so I used about 2-3 TBS of oil.     I did not want to add sugar to it so instead I added about a TBS of honey.


And wooo laaaa…..thats it!  I spread it on a couple of my favorite ancient grain crackers and had a delicious treat.  It not only tastes better that store bought almond butter it is so much cheaper to make by scratch.  Next time I am going to add cocoa powder (I did not have any) and maybe my two year old will actually give it a try too.  Enjoy!