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So much has happened in the past week I do not even know where to begin!

My mom went back to Florida :(.  We did enjoy our last day together at a fall festival in Plymouth, MI.  It was fun just walking around and people watching….and of course eating.  We are missing her already.


My last running post was written the day before I was supposed to do my long (10 mile) run.  Well unfortunately that never happened.  I was feeling so burnt out and still having pain in my pelvic area and decided to listen to the doctor and stop running until I was able to see him.  Turns out my ultrasound came back completely normal and looks like I strained my ligament.  I am so thankful it was nothing serious and I am feeling 100% better.  In fact my running pace has increased!  I think my body needed time to recover because prior to training for this half marathon I was not running AT ALL.  I am just going to keep on going at still increase my milage this week.  Feeling a little guilty about missing such an important run but I truly think that if I did not listen to my body I would have set myself back even more.

So my recap for last week is:

Monday: 2 miles – 10:20 pace

Tuesday: REST

Wednesday: 4 miles – 11:30 pace

Thursday: REST

Friday: 6 miles – 10:37 pace (PR)

Saturday: going to do 3 miles

Sunday: going to do 11 miles

As much as I love the running shoes I purchased a few weeks ago (Brooks Pure Candace II) they are one of their lightest pairs and do not offer a lot of support.  The guy working at the Running Fit store by my house suggested getting another pair with more support and alternating them.  I am going to take his suggestion and try to get them as soon as possible so I do not try out a new pair of running shoes too close to the race.

Now let’s talk about my 6 mile run on Friday.  The path I usually take was completely deserted.  I was already feeling a little nervous (maybe that is why I was running faster than normal) and kept on worrying that a pack of coyotes would be hanging out on the trail (they are all over our area).  Just as I had gotten to mile five this dear jumped out in front of me and decided to join me on my run…after I had a mini heart attack:)  I learned later that they may charge you if they feel threatened….just lovely.  But all was good and I ran back to my car as fast as I could literally…and I will admit he/she was pretty cute.

Today we took our first trip to the cider mill.  If I ever move out of Michigan I would seriously come back every fall just to eat donuts and drink fresh apple cider.  My son enjoyed it so much this year…especially the apple slush he tried.

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What are some of your favorite things to do during the fall?

What supportive running shoes to do you recommend?