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Today was my long run and after skipping my 10 mile run last week due to a minor injury I was a little very nervous about it.  I woke up dreading  the 11 miles ahead of me but I spread a little almond butter on a piece of toast, drank my coffee, grabbed a water and just started driving…the faster I got it over with the less time I had to talk myself out of it:)   I found a new trail to try out…one that my cousin said is his favorite to prepare for his marathons.  It was about an hour away so I took the time to hydrate and just enjoy the time to myself.

First of all I have never in my life thought I would be able to run 11 miles.  I had a friend in college that would run 9 miles and to me she was a rockstar.  Running for that long blew my mind!  I could handle 6 miles…barely but just never pushed myself beyond that.  Actually signing up for a half marathon has motivated me to push myself in ways that I do not think I ever would have if I never made that decision.  I am in awe how much I have accomplished in these past five weeks and it is just such an inspiration to keep on going beyond this race and make this a permanent part of my life.

As far as my run today went…I ran faster than I ever thought I would be able to in this short period of time.  I averaged 11:02 minute miles and although I know it is still slow to most it was a huge breakthrough to myself. Having new scenery was awesome and the trail was relatively flat and so enjoyable.  I could have just kept on going…I felt amazing.  By the seventh mile I was starving, this was the most hunger I have every experienced during a run and could not wait to finish and enjoy the nuts and dried fruit I had waiting for me in my car.  I walked a half mile when I finished to cool down and found a beautiful spot near a river to stretch and headed back home.

I am feeling a little sore now especially in my knees but I think after cross-trainig tomorrow I am going to feel back to normal.  Each time I add another mile to my PR it is a feeling I cannot explain other than the fact that it just motivates me to keep on going.

What are some of your favorite post run snacks?

What is your favorite/most inspiring things about running?