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Keep on Going!

Running is a challenge of its own because as marathon runners we are typically competing against ourselves as opposed to other sports where you have teammates and a coach that hold you accountable.  It is so easy to wake up feeling like doing anything but running but you know at the end of the day if you do not get out there and run you will be letting yourself down and hurting your success at your next race.  I just love this quote and find it so true for the past several weeks training for my half marathon.  At first it was just about finishing my milage per week.  Then as I was accomplishing my weekly goals I started making PR’s that just have made me more motivated to push myself harder to a place I never believed I would be at.

First of all today I ran 4 miles…4 miles at the beginning of my training was difficult…today it is an easy run.  This was actually a PR of mine…finishing 4 miles in 39 minutes and 3 seconds.

Image 4

Let’s go back about a month ago…August 24th to be exact and this was the same distance, same path:

Image 5

This was finished in 47:22.  In one month I have shaved 8 minutes and 19 seconds off my time!!  I know the cooler weather has helped but my body feels so much stronger.

I started off blogging to keep myself accountable and to track my progress but reading all of your blogs keeps me so motivated.  I love stumbling upon great recipes to try and reading about other runners that have been through a marathon or are training for their first and it just inspires me.  Thank you to anyone that has read my blog and leaves such kind comments.  It is so encouraging.

I am already feeling nervous when this race is over how I will keep myself accountable as our winters get soooo cold and I do not know if they even do races around here during them.  I just may need to find a couple in Florida and have a great excuse to visit my mom there.

What keeps you motivated between races?

How does your training/milage change?