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I cannot believe my race is a few days short of a month away.  While I was doing my long run on Sunday I realized I only have one long run left before the half marathon!

This was not one of my best running weeks.  I was planning on doing three short runs and unfortunately was only able to do two instead.  Things have been so hectic with another wedding and my husband and I are buying a business in October and we have been taking care of all of the tedious details before our official takeover day comes.  The two short runs I did went well…I did 4 on Tuesday and 5 on Thursday.  I was averaging about 10:20 min/mile.

My long run was on Sunday and I was struggling to prepare myself mentally to go.  I had such a short window that I could run because of the wedding we were attending and I literally had to push myself out the door.  I decided to try running with little water and no gels.  BIG MISTAKE.  I thought that the gel may have been more of a mental thing but I know now that it definitely helps me after my first hour of running.  I was doing great until the 8th mile and then my body started tightening up everywhere.  My legs literally felt like they had lead in them.   At my 9th mile I stopped and stretched for about two minutes.  My training schedule said I should be at 12 miles this week but I ended up running 11 as I did not have enough time to get the extra mile in.  My calves and hamstrings were so incredibly tight at the end of the run and are still bothering me today.  So frustrating but I am going to just stretch like crazy and pray that it works itself out asap:)   I ended up averaging 11:13 min/miles which is pretty close to the 11:03 min/miles for the 11 mile run I did last weekend but I just did not feel as good this time.

I am getting a little nervous for my long run next weekend.  My schedule advices I run 13 miles which is basically a half marathon.  I know I can run 13 miles but am so worried about overtraining especially with how tight my body is feeling right now.  By Friday I will have a better idea of what will be best and go from there.

ImageA picture of my mother in law and sister in laws from the wedding we attended.  (My sister in law is expecting a baby:)


My husband and I.  For some reason everything looks so yellow…including his shirt.  Bad lighting:)

What are some of your favorite things to fuel with during a long run?

What do you do when you experience muscle tightening during your runs?