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Stay Positive

This week has been a running nightmare for me. I struggled last week on my long 11 mile run and the day after came down with a cold that is on the verge of becoming bronchitis. It was challenging for me to get through that run and I am almost happy that I got sick because now understand why I was having such a difficult time…my immune system was weak.

I took an extra rest day on Tuesday and decided to try running on Wednesday an easy four miler and ended up rolling my ankle. I have not been getting better and now am so concerned that my ankle is not going to heal properly before the race…basically I am falling apart;)

I have three weeks before the half marathon and am going to have to skip my long run tomorrow. I need to fight whatever is going on in my body and rest my ankle so I do not set myself back even further.  My runs were supposed to taper off next weekend and I have no idea whether I should try going for my long run next weekend or stick to my training schedule and pray I will be ok for the race.

I have been feeling really down about not being able to get my runs in and then I realized how far I have come in these past two months and made PR’s that I never thought I would accomplish in such a short time.

Praying next week will be much better and I’ll be back on track with my runs again!

Have you ever missed a long run close to your race day and how did it effect your marathon/half-marathon?