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After taking what seems like an eternity off of running last week which was 6 rest days, I went out to test the waters today.  Last week after my 11 mile run I woke up the next morning feeling pretty ill.   I had tried to run an easy four miler and not only did I feel worse I rolled my ankle.  Wow hot mess:)  So today I am finally feeling so much better and was looking forward to a great run.  I was planning on running 2-3 miles to warm my body up after taking such a long break and things just fell apart.  My right inner ankle was throbbing and after 1.25 miles I had to stop.  What the heck is going on???  I could barely hobble the 1.25 miles back to my car and have had ice on it ever since I have gotten home.  It is still pretty swollen and tender to the touch.

I always read about the possibility of getting injured and I truly thought that it would never be something I would have to deal with.  I cannot imagine taking another week off especially when the race is just three weeks away.  I am trying to stay positive but realize there is a strong possibility I may not be able to run the half marathon this time around.  I am praying this is a strain and not a stress fracture.  I am so disappointed but I am going to do everything I can to get my ankle feeling back to normal and somehow get back on track before the race.  I have no idea what to do to keep myself in shape without injuring myself further at this point.  Going to try the elliptical tomorrow and see how that goes.

Have you ever injured your ankle training for a race and what advice to you have to get back to running as soon as possible?