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While training for a race all kinds of little issues can appear causing your to adjust/reevaluate your plan..it comes with the territory.  Those set backs though can certainly be a blessing.  I have found that once I can get past another hurdle, whatever the reason may be, the next run I am even more grateful to be able to be on track and do again what I love.  It is so easy to take your health for granted but it is something that we need to constantly be thankful for.  It is much like life.  We often get faced with an unfortunate circumstance to later find out that it was the best thing that could have ever happened to us and had to happen that way to get us where we are.  Lately I have been having overwhelming gratitude for everything good in my life.   It is so easy to get hung up on the negative but it is unhealthy and useless.

With that being said my ankle is feeling so much better.  I am feeling confident it is going to be healed before the race and I am going to try another light run on Saturday to see how it fares.  I have been taking walks and whenever a runner goes by me I feel a little jealous that I cannot break out into a run too but it’s just temporary and this too shall pass:)