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It’s official.  I have completed my very first half marathon today!  I got a great night sleep and woke up early to have my coffee, breakfast and relax before we had to go.   My adrenaline was going the second I got out of bed…I just could not believe the day was here and was just excited to take everything in.

We left early to get to Detroit because there was a Lions game and over 70,000 people expected to be there between the marathon and the game.  Luckily we got there in plenty of time and I was able to watch the full marathon runners for awhile and stretch before my start time.  I ate a half banana and mini cliff bar and before I knew it the race began!  I cannot even explain the energy I felt being surrounded by so many runners.  It made me really emotional…if only my everyday long runs could be surrounded by such positive energy.  It was a nice brisk 45 degrees that made the entire run enjoyable.

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About a half hour before the race began.


Just sang the national anthem and getting ready to start!

I had two goals:

-to run the entire half-marathon without walking

-to finish 2 1/2 hours or under

I am happy to say I accomplished both of them.  My ending time was 2:28:27.  Seeing and actually crossing the finish line was so exciting.  Overall it went great however around the 6th-10th miles my legs were very sore and tight.  I am not sure if it is because I am still a beginner but it is something I want to figure out before I do another race.  Perhaps my legs are not strong enough yet and it will get better over time and more training.

Image 1

That about sums up the day.  I am already looking forward to my next one and my husband is inspired to train for the Detroit Free Press run next year.