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Night Before My First Half Marathon!!

It has been a pretty busy past couple of weeks and I have not gotten a chance to update my blog but I am excited to report that my FIRST half marathon is TOMORROW:)!!! Even though I have been tapering off I decided to go for an 8 mile run last Sunday more to boost my confidence vs. anything else. I felt great the entire 8 miles other than a little stiffness. My ankle feels 100% better and I am just thrilled to be actually running my first race tomorrow.

I went to pick up my packet earlier today and have been getting everything prepared tonight so I have nothing to think about other that eating breakfast and heading out the door.

My cousin (who deserves a huge congrats for running the Chicago Marathon last weekend in 2:55 hours….unreal!), suggested that I buy a cheap pair of sweats to throw off right before I start running. It is going to be pretty chilly in the morning but thankfully a beautiful forecast.  They were also selling $1 throw off gloves at the Expo today and I plan on doing the same with those too. I am having my husband carry an extra outfit to change into after the race so I can be in something dry and warm. I packed my gels, ID, bib, safety pins, running belt, iPhone and headphones and a couple snacks for after and I think I am good to go!

I cannot wait to let you all know how it went! Being that this is my first half-marathon I do not have a time goal but I am hoping to finish it in 2 1/2 hours. I just want to enjoy the experience and feel great doing it and the next race I am going to try and improve my speed.