Weekend Recap


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This week has flown by!  My mom lives in Florida now…after dealing with Michigan winters all her life she decided that she was over it and loves the warmer climate there. We enjoy having a beautiful place to vacation at when the winters get long here!  She came for a visit and we always fit in as much as possible during her stays here which includes a lot of eating, shopping, drinking wine and visiting family and friends.


We both love eating at vegan restaurants and tried Cacao Tree Cafe in Royal Oak.  She  was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple years ago and thankfully has been in remission but since has  adopted a VERY healthy lifestyle basically becoming a vegetarian and incorporating yoga and weight training.  We lost my dad to cancer the same time she was diagnosed and it has caused my family to be extremely careful what we are putting in our bodies.

Ok back to the restaurant….I love that they use local farmers for their ingredients and everything is organic.  I had “meat” quesadilla and I had to take a picture of the deliciousness.  I realized I am terrible at photographing food but here it is regardless:)


It is kind of a hole in the wall place but everything they make is so fresh!  I highly recommend giving it a try if you are ever in the area!

For running this week here is a breakdown:

Monday: 9.0 mile

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 4.0 miles

Thursday: rest

Friday: 6.0 miles

Saturday: cross training

I have been still cramping terribly on my left side and finally decided to call my doctor.  They told me to stop running immediately until I came in for my appointment next Thursday but I just cannot afford to get that behind on my milage so I am not going to listen to them and see how each run goes and if the pain gets too severe I know I need to stop and listen to my body.  Praying it is just a pulled muscle and nothing too serious!

Sunday will be my long run…it will be my first 10 miler.  I am looking forward to it because I found another new place to run and am looking forward to a change of scenery.  It has been cooling off here in the morning and it is absolutely perfect running weather.


9.0 Miles Conquered!


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Waking up this morning knowing I had my long run ahead of me I was actually feeling a little nervous.  I did not get great sleep and felt completely wiped out on top of still having this pain on my right lower side.  By lunch time I somehow got my second wind and started feeling pretty decent.

Normally I would do my longer runs early in the morning but I wanted to go to this beautiful nature reserve park that is a little drive from where I live so I waited for my husband and son to join me.  There is a little petting farm and several playgrounds at the park so they were just going to hang out until I was finished.   A change of scenery was uplifting!

We headed out and parted ways…and there I was on my own.  Well before I finished my first mile I realized this was going to be a big challenge for me.  Typically I am used to running down a gravel route that is relatively flat.  This park has hills throughout the entire running path on asphalt roads.  I have never ran so slow in my entire life!  I was struggling running 12-13 minute miles.  My goal was to just finish the entire nine miles and I did end up finishing in just under two hours.  Although I struggled and felt like this was my most challenging run to date, I will definitely be doing a couple more long runs before my race there as I feel like I pushed myself and trained my body in a way I never have before.  I am almost embarrassed to post my times/mile but I want to look back the next time I do my long run there and see how far I have come and hopefully keep on improving.  I did not experience the cramping pains I have been getting recently and am so thankful to have finished relatively pain free.

I am debating on whether I am going to take a rest day tomorrow or do a little cross training.  Do you typically take a rest day after your long runs?


Running in the Rain


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Whew what a weekend!

Saturday morning I took off early for my four mile run in the rain and I loved every minute of it!  The light drizzle was incredibly refreshing.  My min/mile improved compared to my last few runs.  I am not sure what happened on mile three though:/  I am finding that my perfect pre run meal is a banana with a TBS of peanut butter.  It seems to give me just enough energy without making me feel sick. Carb-loading before races is still something I am not quite sure how to do properly yet.  Going to have to do a bit of research before October comes around.


I ditched the runner’s belt and I seriously think that it slows me down when I use it.  I felt great the entire run until I finished and again I started getting severe cramping in the lower right side of my abdominals.  I could barely walk for almost an hour post run and think I may need to take a visit to my doctor and make sure there is nothing serious going on.  It is still tender to the touch today.  Crossing my fingers it is just dehydration or possible overtraining!  I followed up my run with an hour of slow vinyasa yoga and I felt like I had an entire body massage after the class and it helped lesson the pain I was experiencing.  For any runners out there I think yoga is essential to balance out your training.

We had a great time Saturday evening at a good friends wedding…actually way toooo good of a time.  I was paying for it all day today!  Needless to say today was a rest day…basically consisting of eating and shopping and more eating.  I would have stayed in bed all morning except I had a little two year old wake me up at 6:30am to play cars:)  Tomorrow will be my nine mile long run.

IMG_8338Ending with a picture of my husband of I heading to the wedding…we literally go to about ten weddings a year as we both come from huge families and they are always a blast.  Have a great week everyone!


Cross Training and Cooking:)


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Cross Training and Cooking:)

Since I ran nine miles the past two days I decided to give my body a rest and mix it up with the elliptical machine for 30 minutes. It was a nice change of pace and my body feels so much better. Tomorrow is going to be a run and yoga day.

I eat a 95% vegetarian diet (I do eat dairy and eggs) and I made these quinoa burgers  from Vegetarian Times this afternoon and added a TBS of curry seasoning which gave them a little spicy kick. They were amazing! My entire family enjoyed them and they are filled with so many vegetables. The sun-dried tomatoes help balance out all of the flavors. Perfect post run snack!

What are some of your favorite pre and post run snacks?

Focus on the Breathing!


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I took a picture of the trail I run on often.  It goes on for about twenty miles.  It is so peaceful…just hoping I don’t run into a coyote one of these days.  We have so many around our area!

Finished up a five mile run this morning and today my main focus was about paying attention to my breathing.  After having severe cramping two days ago I doubled my fluids and realized that I also take really short breaths.  I ran slow but avoided cramping and felt pretty good after the run.  I think I need to incorporate a few more yoga classes each week as they help me take better breaths and stretch me out…double bonus:)


I hate that two miles were over twelve minutes but it was really hot and humid so I think it played a roll on my time.  

Happy running all!!


My Little Princes


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ImageI swear I will not post a million pictures of my boys but I thought I would introduce you all to them.  This is my little 2 1/2 year old Gabriel who could probably outrun me now if we raced:)  Cannot wait until he gets older to join me on my runs.  He is quite the spitfire..it will be interesting to see what is in store for him:)  ImageThis is my little man Joshua.  He is as mellow as they come.  He is completely obsessed with Gabriel and I swear he came into this world smiling:)


Off Day!


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So I woke up today excited to run after resting yesterday.  I had a banana and peanut butter two hours pre run and two cups of water.  

I had to work out at the gym because it was pouring outside and pretty humid.  The second I started running my body felt awful.  My ankles and feet were sore, and it took me a good mile to loosen my body up even after I had warmed up with a brisk walk….I figured I just needed to get used the treadmill again.  

Then I experienced terrible cramping to the point I did not think I was going to be able to finish my run.  I had a little cramping in my side but severe cramping near my pelvic area.  I pushed through 4 miles but the cramping continued an hour after my run.  I am hoping it is something I can fix with my diet or increasing my water intake.  I also read that sometimes breathing improperly can cause cramping.  Really hoping this was just a fluke day and tomorrow will feel back to normal!    




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I was thinking today that even though I still have seven weeks to go before my race, I am going to be sad that it is over.

Running has been so therapeutic for me both mentally and physically and it is even more challenging and rewarding now that I have a goal to attain. I am going to be looking forward to many more races in my future I am sure.

I loved this quote I stumbled upon today that I find very fitting. I took a rest day today after my long run yesterday but am already anxious to get back to it tomorrow! Now I just need to figure out how to prepare to run this winter outside as our winters can be pretty crazy:)


8.3 Mile Long Run!

8.3 Mile Run!

I went for my long run this morning. This is my longest run ever! It felt pretty great…I did not really start getting tired until mile 7 and I decided to use my Gu Gel and was a little more energized after.

I still am running really slow miles…I guess it is just going to take time to get faster and I do not want to get an injury before the race. My goal for this half marathon is pace 11:30 min/miles.

On another note…I was worried about losing too much weight as this was a problem for me in college, however I have gained a pound! It’s a little confusing because I am running almost everyday and eating around 1500-1600 calories a day. I am trying not to worry too much about the scale though as I feel more toned overall and stronger but it’s hard not to worry a little. Right now I am 5′ 4″ and weigh 118…still five pounds heavier since I had my second child. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next 7 weeks leading up to the race.

Happy running everyone!!


Lazy Sunday!

I was supposed to go for my long run today….well that did not happen.  First of all I had terrible run yesterday…I was so tired and could barely run under 12 minute miles and after my run the rest of my day was pretty crazy.  Until the race I think I need to take a rest day the day before my long runs.  

I have been really trying to work on my nutrition so that I am feeling energized throughout my runs.  I am a HUGE coffee drinker…I basically cannot function in the morning until I drink my first cup.  I am wondering if I am dehydrating myself and if I should cut it down a little.  I usually have two to three cups a day.  Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on that?   Many people I talk to that run can do 10 miles or more without having to drink any water and right now I definitely am scared to try it.